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In 1990 So Hard by the German dj L.U.P.O. peaked at the number one in the italian sales charts where it stayed for two months. From 1990 to 1993 the collaboration with the Berlin label Low Spirit was very intense and FMA achieved significant success signing artists such as Westbam, Dj Dick, Plutone, Marusha, the djs-founders of the techno movement in Europe.

In 1993 FMA climbed the UK Club Charts with the singles Do Ya, Holdin’ On and What Would We Do by D.S.K and the top ten in the rest of Europe. The 1994 was a key-moment in the history of FMA, the release of the self-titled debut album of the american artist Moby including two real monuments of the electronic dance music: Next Is The E and Go.

Wiggle It, El Trago (The Drink), Ahora Now, Carnival, Giddy Up are the amazing hits included in the first 2 In A Room album titled World Party, a miles-stone in the history of hip-house. The 740 Boyz rocked the european charts with the singles Shimmy Shake, Party Over Here and Get Busy.

1996 - 1999

In 1996 Feel The Rhythm by Prezioso ruled the italian dance charts. In the same year FMA peaked at number one again with the single The Master by the homonymous German-Italian project.

The 1997 was the year of several hits: I’m Alive by the English duo Stretch & Vern, and soon afterwards Encore Une Fois, the first international success of Sash!. From that point on the German project made an impressive series of hits: Ecuador, Stay, La Primavera, Mysterious Times, Move Mania, Colour The World; Safe by Jimmy Somerville including the remixes produced by the godfather of house-music Todd Terry and by the italian mastermind Mario Fargetta.

Lucio Dalla committed FMA to remix his best songs: it was up again to Mario Fargetta and Todd Terry to hit the charts with the singles Canzone e Prendimi Così respectively. Nowadays FMA is the only indipendent label that released an album of Lucio Dalla: 2 Dance.

FMA released several home-made international hits: Hablame Luna, You Are My Love and Angel (Don’t Cry) by Basic Connection, Lovin’ Times and Like An Angel by Web, Melody Blue, Run To You, Find Time, Set Me Free by the T42 project.


In the new millenium FMA continued its success with the eurodance projects of Earphones (Lie To Me, Primetime Sexcrime, Short Happy Life, The Ballad Of A Clochard) and Edge Of Universe (Afterlife and Life Force).

In 2002 Master Blaster reworked Hypnotic Tango reaching the top 10 in the european sales charts.

FMA is also the home of Dj Lhasa: Heaven Is Place On Earth, Pinocchio, Together Forever reached very good chart positions in Europe and South East Asia and Giulia peaked at number one in Italy, Spain, Austria, Scandinavia and Canada.

FMA was the italian label of top-line artists such as Daniel Bedingfield (Gotta Get Through This), Dj Pied Piper (Do You Really Like It?), T2 feat. Aysha (Heartbroken), all of them reached the number 1 position in the UK sales charts.

The beautiful and talented Dannii Minogue released with FMA three singles, Perfection, So Under Pressure e Touch Me Like That, In 2008 FMA reached the top 5 in the dance sales charts with the house anthem I Wanna Freak U by Eddie Thoneick.

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